Karen Sutherland and Roots Farm: Sustainable Living on the Nature Island*

Ti Domnik Tales

I had heard about Karen Sutherland some time before I actually met her here on Dominica. Then one Saturday  morning at the Roseau Market, I practically

stumbled upon her. That fortuitous meeting took place several years ago, and since then, it would be rare for me to miss a weekly purchase of her organic produce! During this time, I have come to learn that she and I have similar environmental health challenges and live in Dominica for basically the same reasons. Because of her  self-described obsession with gardening and a great passion for sustainable living ventures, many of us on-island have benefited from the ‘fruits’ of her labours. She and her partner Roy run Roots Farm, a 100 per cent organic farm (uncertified but in accord with all U.S.  Organic certification standards — there is no local Dominican certification agency) high in the mountains near the village of Cochrane Dominica.

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